Alexander Sokurov is one of the todays' most interesting film directors. The documentary film "The Voice of Sokurov" explores Sokurov's cinematic world and life perspective through his personality and work. The film also touched on the societal meaning of cinema as well as the overreaching purpose of arts and artists.

Lauri Timonen from the Midnight Sun Film Festival:

"Alexandr Sokurov (born 1951) may well be the internationally best-known Russian director of his generation, but for this artist true to his own voice, the journey in the maelstrom of the System and in the midst of the power wielding and the corruption on the fringes of the film industry has been far from easy. At one time, he received help propelling him forward from e.g. his college Andrei Tarkovsky, who himself knew one thing or another of the depravity of the system."

"Against this backdrop, it is magnificent to see and hear Sokurov – a wise, placid and self-taught man – talk about his past and the present state of Russia in the new, excellent documentary by Leena Kilpeläinen. The atmospheric, intense and even spiritual samples of the director’s production supplement the whole, turning it into a polyphones dialogue between the artist, his works, the Motherland, and history."

"One of the objects of Sokurov’s especial interest is the protection of old buildings being removed to make way for new ostentatious structures. As if surreptitiously, the tragic shutdown of the Russian film studio tradition moves alongside this theme. These immensely enjoyable eighty five minutes in the company of an intelligent, thinking person act like a purgative punch of the Kino fist on the screens tarnished by splashes of Coca-Cola and dictator slime."

Antti Alanen is Film Programmer at National Audiovisual Institute (Finland):

A preview of Leena Kilpeläinen's top quality documentary on Alexander Sokurov, a master of world cinema. Five years in the making, based on six lengthy interviews filmed on six different locations in Saint Petersburg, we meet an outspoken artist who covers here his entire life and prolific career. The locations were Sokurov's own favourites, where he felt at home. We see Saint Petersburg with Sokurov's eyes.

Chapters include: 1. Day: A Film Artist in Distress, 2. Day: The Limitedness of People, 3. Day: The Heritage of the Past, 4. Day: A Day on the Edge of Life, 5. Day: The Influence of Power, 6. Day: Voice of Loneliness, 7. Day: The Significance of Art.

There is an atmosphere of confidence in this documentary. Sokurov gives an account of his lifelong battle for the integrity of his art. The interview footage is eloquent, and the many illuminating clips have been selected with a good sense of judgement. This is an excellent introduction into the films of Sokurov, and it makes me want to see or revisit his films. I have seen many but not all.

This film covers 35 years of artistic creation in highly varying circumstances: the Brezhnevian years of stagnation, the Perestroika, the fall of the CPSU dictatorship, the years of liberty, and the current Putinian neo-reactionary backlash.

It is an account of the spiritual journey of Alexander Sokurov - and of Russia seen with the eyes of a great artist, a worthy successor to the great tradition of artists who have been mouthpieces for the uncomfortable truth”.